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27 July 2016 @ 12:34 am
And in many ways back to the beginning. All first episodes of this show are, at heart, about the same thing. Who is Buffy? What is a Slayer? Is it possible to be both, and which comes first?

All these, and other questions, under the cut. With pics.Collapse )
24 July 2016 @ 04:26 pm
Hello again.

We promised we'd be back with the BtVS re-watch on fantas_magoria in 2016, and here we are (if rather later than planned).

After a short discussion between your friendly neighbourhood mods, we've decided not to include AtS in our re-watch, except for the crossover episodes, of which there are four in season 1 of AtS and one in season 2. This is in part due to having no clue where to get AtS screencaps, but mostly due to having not enough time to do both shows justice. Sorry if this disappoints anyone.

We aim to post twice a week on Tuesdays and Thursdays, so see you in a couple of days with the first BtVS season 4 episode, The Freshman.
01 December 2015 @ 02:07 pm
Hi, everyone.

Just a quick note to let you know that the grand BtVS rewatch is on hiatus until the New Year.

We'll be back in January with season 4. See you then.
Here, finally, is the last season 3 post in our rewatch. Sorry about the long delay. After this post there will be a hiatus (a planned one this time), while your friendly neighbourhood mods try to work out a posting schedule for season 4.

So, anyway, part 2 begins where part 1 ended.


Buffy tried to kill Faith in order to save Angel's life, but failed.

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02 November 2015 @ 10:33 pm
And here we are, at the two-part season finale. Everything is about to change: the world might end or the Scoobies might leave school. Who knows which is scarier?

The process of High School graduation is alien to me, as a Brit; we may have a final assembly, quite likely a Leavers’ Ball (sometimes called a Prom these days) but in general we slink away after the last exam, return for Results Day in August, then party or not with our friends. We don’t get diplomas as such, for finishing school, just for the A Level results we’ve achieved, which usually arrive months later and are picked up from school by parents, as the students are likely to be already away at university. If I get things wrong, therefore, I apologise in advance.

Graduation Day Part 1Collapse )

Comments, as always, are craved. Screencaps credit goes to Bloodqueen.com
You may have noticed that posts on this comm have become somewhat irregular of late. This is because both your friendly neighbourhood mods are a bit short of time at the moment. Still, one post a week is probably more doable for most people anyway. Isn't it?

So, The Prom - one of my favourite season 3 episodes. It signals the end of an era in the show - a final rite of passage before Graduation Day and the end of High School.

Needless to say, for poor Buffy, it also includes violence and trauma.

The violence comes courtesy of this guy.


Tucker Wells, Andrew's better looking, better known (hey, going by Never Leave Me in season 7, even Spike's heard of him and Spike wasn't even around in season 3) and probably more evil older brother.

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08 October 2015 @ 01:36 am
It is totally my fault that the schedule has been interrupted of late. A new Shakespeare course has sucked all my energy, in a really, really good way, but not helpfully. My apologies to all.

On we go now, to ChoicesCollapse )
What worked best for you? Am I selling it short? Comments not just invited but craved.
24 September 2015 @ 01:52 pm
This is a good episode, even though it's pretty much running around the houses waiting for the Mayor to actually ascend already!

Buffy has an encounter with a demon...


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16 September 2015 @ 01:56 pm
After the tour de force of Doppelgangland, this episode brings us back to the season arc with a bump (and lots of unpleasant stabbing and backstabbing). Not much humour to be found here, except in scenes featuring the Mayor, who is doggedly cheerful throughout...


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Which is not true of all BtVS titles, by any means. This one is great, though.

As is the episode - another comedy masterpiece, featuring the welcome return of...


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03 September 2015 @ 10:59 pm
So, after a really vibrant episode ME tries to calm our expectations, by giving us Consequences.Collapse )
So, your thoughts?

Caps from bloodqueen.com.
30 August 2015 @ 03:39 pm
So, after a few episodes of meandering around the houses, we're back to the A plot - which is basically the Mayor ticking items off his evil to-do list (literally, in this case), and Buffy's and Faith's troubled relationship.

Oh, and there's this bloke.


Mr cliched Brit stereotype Wesley Wyndam-Pryce, Buffy's and Faith's new Watcher.

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Sorry this post is a bit late. Looks like our regular screencaps site is down for good. So many thanks to bloodqueen.com for stepping into the breach.

So, The Zeppo, another of season 3's many great comedy masterpieces, in which Xander (unknown to anyone) saves the day. Or at least co-saves the day.

After all, if Buffy and co hadn't foiled the latest apocalypse (mostly offscreen but we get glimpses,


like so

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Hello again. The re-watch is back with a bang - or at least with one of the best, and certainly the most disturbing, episodes of season 3: Helpless. Screencaps this time from the bloodqueen.com, to whom many thanks and all credit, as I couldn't get the usual site to work for me at all.

When I re-watched this, I spent a lot of my time yelling, "Don't do it, Giles!" at the telly.

This is why.


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03 August 2015 @ 09:49 pm
This should have been posted on Friday, but RL got in the way. My apologies - we should be back to the twice-weekly schedule again next time.

So, now we have an episode about the power of fairy-tales, of mass hysteria, bullying and rubbish parental choices.

GingerbreadCollapse )
We have now reached the midpoint of Season 3, so we are taking a week’s catch-up break again. Pause to draw breath – it’s going to be a bumpy ride!
Okay, I have to admit this episode isn't a favourite of mine. The villain, when finally revealed, is lame...


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23 July 2015 @ 12:51 am
Another excellent episode in a show now fully into its stride, even if there's not enough Spike for my liking. Other vampires do compensate to some extent in this episode, however.

The WishCollapse )
Well, maybe you haven't all been waiting for it, but here it is anyway. Another outstanding episode in which a lot of bad stuff happens, some hard truths are realised, and most people end up miserable.

So, typical BtVS episode, then.

In this instance, all of the above happens because of a brief, but unforgettable, visit to Sunnydale by...


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A delayed recap, for which my apologies; there was a freezer crisis in Llandudno, so I had to visit my mother, who does not hold with this internet stuff.

If I did very well with odd-numbered episodes in S2, it has to be said that in S3 the even numbers have the edge, at least so far. This episode comes between two of my favourites in the entire season, and is mainly about building tension and establishing themes. Flogging a dead horse with them in some cases.

RevelationsCollapse )

So, thoughts? Are you fed up with the Willow/Xander saga? Do you feel sorry for Buffy, Willow, Faith or Giles? Could and should the Scoobies have been kinder and more inclusive to Faith? Please comment!

Screencaps, as ever, are from Pretty as a Picture.
Okay, while I appreciate there may be some (very odd) people out there who don't care for this episode, I love it so much that I have only one tiny criticism, which is that when everyone is regressed to their teenage personas, they all seem to be stuck in the '70s, no matter what age they are.

Except maybe Miss Barton, who comes over a little bit Flower Person.


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This is a difficult episode for me to write about, as the whole Homecoming thing is alien to me as a Brit, both as an event and as a school-sponsored (or at least not forbidden) explicit popularity competition. We have head boys and head girls, but they are selected as much by their perceived competence and ability to do the job as their popularity, and wherever I’ve worked teaching staff have had at least as much influence as students in the selection.

An overt popularity contest is generally frowned on in our schools, but not in Sunnydale High. And competition, popularity and teamwork are the essence of this episode.


”Homecoming”Collapse )
From my favourite episode of the season to my least favourite. I don't like this episode. While not being actively bad, it has a whiff of after school special about it. Plus, it wastes one of the best one-off characters in the show,


Mr Platt, the school counsellor. Oh well.

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And moving on to the third episode of Season Three,

Faith, Hope and TrickCollapse )
My apologies for the late arrival of this rewatch update - we returned home from Italy last week and my head has had trouble settling down.

So, on we go to Dead Man"s PartyCollapse )
I hope you've had a good break and are raring to get back to the rewatch?

I'm actually going to be doing the even numbered episodes for the rest of the season, but I couldn't not do Anne. I love and adore it. It's my favourite episode of the entire season (and yes, that does include Lovers' Walk).

It's also a very unusual episode in the entire run of the show, because during most of it, Buffy is alone...

buffy301_433 (1)

...but oh, boy, is she awesome?

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