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From my favourite episode of the season to my least favourite. I don't like this episode. While not being actively bad, it has a whiff of after school special about it. Plus, it wastes one of the best one-off characters in the show,


Mr Platt, the school counsellor. Oh well.

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And moving on to the third episode of Season Three,

Faith, Hope and TrickCollapse )
My apologies for the late arrival of this rewatch update - we returned home from Italy last week and my head has had trouble settling down.

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I hope you've had a good break and are raring to get back to the rewatch?

I'm actually going to be doing the even numbered episodes for the rest of the season, but I couldn't not do Anne. I love and adore it. It's my favourite episode of the entire season (and yes, that does include Lovers' Walk).

It's also a very unusual episode in the entire run of the show, because during most of it, Buffy is alone...

buffy301_433 (1)

...but oh, boy, is she awesome?

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03 June 2015 @ 05:36 pm
A quick message from your friendly neighbourhood mods to let you know that, due to us both being away next week, the re-watch will go on hiatus until the week commencing Monday 15th June.

See you all then for season 3.
Because this episode does that in so many ways.

For a start, one of the major villains of the season makes an alliance with Buffy.


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And here we are, coming up to the end. And what a season it’s been. Surely we can be spared so many shocks, after all we’ve been through? Ah, how little we knew Joss back then.

Becoming Part OneCollapse )
Thoughts? My favourite bit is Spike singing “Someone wasn’t worthy.” What about you? Does this episode stand up at all on its own, or is it just the first half of a double-length piece. Did you first see it all in one go or separately? If so, how did you handle the suspense? Just how creepy is it to see Angel falling for super-young Buffy? And where on earth did DB find that accent and that wig? Indeed, it's an episode full of wigs. Darla's is OK, but the rest? Oh dear.
This episode isn't actually so bad, I suppose, but at the point of the season we've reached it just doesn't seem to fit.

In feel, it's like the early season 2 MotW episodes. It even, like Reptile Boy, features a bunch of over-privileged jocks getting their comeuppance (or sort of). In fact, the only way you can tell it's a late season 2 episode is because the Angel cameo features Evil Angel,



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Getting close to the season end now, and more evidence that I drew the best deal with odd-numbered episodes. (worry not - shapinglight has first pick for S3) Buffy and Angel are forced to re-enact a long-gone tragedy, and much angst is felt by all.

I Only Have Eyes For YouCollapse )

Another outstanding episode, giving Buffy/Angel shippers a moment in the midst of all the heartbreak. What are your feelings about it? Please chat away!
22 May 2015 @ 04:45 pm
Sorry. I meant, Killed By Death, another BtVS fan favourite (sarcasm font).

Just for the record, the even numbered eps in season 2 really don't compare that favourably with the odds. And yes, I will be back soon with a review of Go Fish. Lucky me.

Anyway, I can vaguely recall thinking this episode was better than I remembered when I rewatched it, but I suspect that most of us (me included) are going to struggle to find much to say about it. Even the scenes from Buffy's childhood don't seem to fit with what little we see of it later.

No wonder Cousin Celia never gets another mention.

There are some good things in the episode, though, as there always are.


Evil!Angel is on top form, for a start.

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18 May 2015 @ 10:13 pm
I rather feel I've been very lucky, taking the odd numbered episodes. Today we have Passion, one of the most powerful and painful episodes so far.

PassionCollapse )
So, how did you feel when you first saw this? Have you recovered yet? Do you sympathise with Xander, or is his reaction annoying? Cordelia – is she more than a chauffeur and plot device here? And do you enjoy the sheer glee of Angelus - he is not just evil, he relishes it. Do you feel sorry for Spike, for all that he is evil? And is it just petty vengeance that makes him hold Dru back?

Nothing in the Buffyverse can ever be the same again. Many people rate this episode in their top ten. How about you – and why, or why not?

Talk to us?
15 May 2015 @ 01:45 pm
This episode is a perfect illustration of one of BtVS's recurring themes - be careful what you wish for.


Okay, Xander, was there absolutely nothing...

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14 May 2015 @ 12:18 am
After the excitement of last week you might think the show would slip back into MOTW form. No such thing, however - another brilliant episode, in my not-so-humble opinion, in which the relationships develop, the season arc progresses a little and astonishing things happen.

PhasesCollapse )


Screencaps as always are from Pretty as a Picture.

OK, the werewolf outfit is not of the best, I admit. But what about the rest? Real bonding, real issues and some extremely cute moments. What did you like best? What didn’t work for you? What was a surprise, at least the first time you saw this? Do tell!
09 May 2015 @ 02:17 pm
If this episode doesn't make you cry, you're made of sterner stuff than I am.

I mean it. This episode is a really tough watch. I think only The Body is harder. Everything is torn apart.

Poor little Buffy. The pain just keeps on coming.

And worst of all, like she did with her father leaving her mother (as illustrated so well in her nightmare in season 1), she blames herself for it. This despite the fact that - in this episode at least - no one else blames her, except maybe Jenny, though not in a blame-y type way.

It's also the episode in which we're introduced to the stupidest curse in the history of curses.

To whit...


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OK folks, we plan to average two episodes a week, but because of a slight glitch there will be three this week. Because would you really want to wait till Monday for Innocence?

So, after all the excitement of Ted and Bad Eggs, we move on to the innocent peace and happiness of a Buffy birthday episode. The first Buffy birthday episode as it happens. And it's a humdinger. Many would put this and its partner episode into their top ten of the whole series. I'm not sure I would, but it's still a wonderful episode.

SurpriseCollapse )

So, do you love this episode? What is your favourite bit? Spike and Dru, Buffy and Angel, Willow and Oz? Or are there bits that are not merely about sex young (or apparently young) people that work for you? What is it with all the water in this episode - symbolic? And what do you think of Jenny's sudden transformation into agent of the Kalderash clan?

I'm sure you have plenty to say on this episode - and the next, which will come at the end of the week. Have at it!
04 May 2015 @ 07:48 pm
Sorry this post is so late. I was going to put it up on Friday but completely forgot, then a lot of RL stuff happened and I forgot again until my co-mod gillo (way more on the ball than me) reminded me.

I hope the vast hordes of you who think Bad Eggs is the best BtVS episode ever haven't been too put out by the wait?

Have to say, though, I can't agree with you. While I no longer think this is the worst episode of the show ever (I've unilaterally awarded that dubious accolade to Some Assembly Required because it's not only bad, it's boring, whereas this one is just bad) I can't say it's a favourite.

Lots of reasons for that, including these.


Cowboy vampires. Lame! Even worse, lame cowboy vampires. Lame!

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29 April 2015 @ 12:56 am

In between two two-parters we get a couple of MOTW episodes, Ted and Bad Eggs. By comparison with what goes before and after they are very minor and often overlooked, or actively disliked. There’s a distinct lack of Spike and Dru, too. Still, here we are, back after our break, and any loins which needed girding are sufficiently girt.

One point needs to be made before you click on the cut, however. This is an episode about domestic abuse, both emotional and physical. If there is any way in which discussion of this might be a trigger for you, think very carefully about whether you really want to engage here on this episode.

So, let us go to meet Ted.Collapse )

So, do you like this? Are you impressed by John Ritter’s performance? Is his robotic nature a cop-out, evading the very serious issue of Buffy believing she has killed a man? Is it too neatly wrapped up? Are Jenny and Giles too much of a side-issue in this episode and do you think their reconciliation is a bit pat?

As always, screencaps from Pretty as a Picture.

Comments extremely welcome!
Sorry this is a bit late. I've been away. But I'm back now with lots of fun facts about the episode that brings us to almost the mid point of season 2. As gillo said, we'll take a break next week, then come storming back the week after with everyone's favourite season 2 MotW episodes, Ted and Bad Eggs.

Why yes, that was sarcasm. What can I say? I'm British. It's a thing.

Anyway, WML pt 1 ended on a cliffhanger (that lasted for three weeks if you were watching the show on the BBC back in the day, as they took it off air, so I recall, for the yearly yawnfest that is World Championship Snooker), and WML pt 2 begins where 1 left off

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As promised, we are going to take a catch-up week at the mid-point of the season; we will complete this two-parter, then take a week off. There is not necessarily any truth in the suggestion that your recappers need to hoard their strength before encountering Ted and Bad Eggs. Why would there be?

Still, onward to
What"s My Line, Part OneCollapse )

So, do you like the episode? Does it help you buy into the Buffy/Angel relationship a bit more? Do you credit Kendra’s accent? And how did she end up in satin trousers, a bare-midriff shirt and such very careful makeup? Perhaps her Watcher was unusually alert to style? Why on earth did he send her in a cargo hold without even a spare pair of underwear? The ice-rink – good idea? Xander’s pessimism about his abilities and future – is there foreshadowing in this episode? And the employers who abstract Willow and Oz – software or Government?

Thoughts? Comments very welcome.
Not that this episode has anything to do with history (which, as we learned in season 1, is of the then, whereas Buffy is very much of the now). If anything, the theme is, adults are fallible too. Also that the sins of the past will always come back to bite you in the end (which of course is what happens when you treat history as if it was of the then and thus nothing to do with you).

Take note (again), Angel. It may not be your mistakes this time, but you can still learn something.

This is also the first episode (I think), where we get our first real example of that good old Whedonverse trope: if things appear to be going well in your relationship, be afraid, I tell you, very afraid.

In fact, this episode hammers home all three themes with a big old sledgehammer, beginning with the very first scene.


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07 April 2015 @ 07:57 pm
Lie to Me

Another stonkingly good episode. It feels as if the season is getting into its stride, yet there’s so much yet to come.

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So, thoughts? Do you feel the love here? Buffy/Angel, Giles/Jenny, Spike/Dru? Does love require lies or friendship entail secrets? And just how silly is Diego's vampire cloak costume?
At last I get an episode to talk about that's generally loved by all (it is, right?) rather than cheerleading for episodes everyone thinks aren't any good (even though they are, so there! Except for Some Assembly Required).

Such a fun episode.


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01 April 2015 @ 12:38 am
We're at the fifth episode of S2 now, and it seems in some ways to be just another MOTW episode, with a cheesy snake monster. Somebody really should have warned Mutant Enemy about them - do they ever really work? However, there is rather more depth here than one might expect, though the Spikelessness is depressing for some.

Reptile BoyCollapse )

So, opinions? Is the theme handled well enough to excuse the monster? Are frat boys too easy a target; we don't have them here, so I'm never quite sure how far-fetched their representation is. The idea of an evil cult which leads to wealth and influence rings true, however, as one who has observed Business School students. I rather like the fact that when the monster dies so do the fortunes and power networks of graduates from the fraternity in question. I can think of a few bankers one might wish this had applied to.

Age and youth - not actually either/or, but a progression. The two oldest characters in this episode, Giles and Angel, have every bit as much to learn as the youngest. But one should definitely be wary of drinks from strangers at parties.

Comments, discussion, feedback?

Screencaps from Pretty as a Picture as usual.
I mean it. Nothing to yawn about here. Okay, I know everyone's all School Hard!Yay! and it's a big let-down that Spike and Dru (and Angel) are absent from the following episode. Plus it's well-known that season 2 is chockful of boring MotW episodes, but I'm here to tell you that this isn't one of them (and, in fact, I think only two episodes in the entire season are one of them, and one of those isn't that boring).

Anyway, just tell yourself that Spike, Dru and Angel are off somewhere having a proper family reunion, as imagined a gazillion times in very old slash fics and enjoy this is very sweet, very sad little story about a girl who was the chosen one of her people, and who couldn't escape her destiny, and whose life and death are therefore full of parallels to Buffy's own situation.

Starting with this scene, where Giles tries to stop Buffy going to the school cultural exchange program dance because her secret identity may be compromised.

buffy204_048 (1)

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Now don't tell me you weren't all waiting for this. (Imagine Spike voice.)

School Hard. With pictures.Collapse )

This episode is, for me, as fresh now as when I first saw it. How do you feel it’s worn? Can it really be nearly 18 years old?

Comments, discussion, arguments, even?