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18 January 2013 @ 12:02 pm
Flash Challenge: First Date & Release  
As often happens when Jane Espenson writes an episode, this week's BtVS is bursting with great lines. The young, hot principal with earrings has an office right above the Hellmouth? It's a "bidet of evil", of course! I could go on, but one non-verbal thing stood out for me: Robin Wood stakes left-handed. In more ways than one, he's shown to be "sinister". Here is a quickie prompt for First Date and Release:

dress for the ambiguity

As always, you may create whatever you like. You may use the main episode prompts or do something — anything — else. Recommendations are heartily welcomed! Share your favorite fanworks with the rest of us! Remember, you have an extra week to post  — until Sunday, January 27th for either episode. Next week, get ready for Get It Done and Orpheus!