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06 February 2013 @ 10:30 pm
Fun with Gwen and LISA  
I've written several short f/f Gwen fics, and this seems like the place to mention them. They are all set around or after Players, and the impact of being able to control her powers comes into several. I won't repost them all; but if you like Gwen and/or femslash, you should definitely browse the rest!

Title Off and On Again
Author Brutti ma buoni
Pairing Gwen Raiden/Fred Burkle
Rating PG13
Words 830
Setting During Players, AtS s4 episode
Prompt For Snogged at femslash minis, who wanted this setting, curiosity killed the cat and secrets
A/N Also my kink bingo entry for 'medical kink', though it's very slight

When LISA's probes enter Gwen's body, it stops.

She didn't even know. Not till the throb and the sizzle are gone does she realise that that's not normality. She can feel her pulse, so she isn't dead, but the thread of power that made Gwen into Gwen is not there.

She kind of hates that.

This wasn't how it was supposed to go. LISA is freedom. LISA is normality. LISA is everything Gwen's supposed to want. And it's taking away who Gwen is.

She ducks her head down to rest on her hands, avoids the anxious looks from Texas Fred, and tries to breathe through it. Nobody has to know how this feels.

Think about something else. Think about… heists? No, because electricity is her go-to for her job. She can take off LISA and work, but she'll still have to put it on again. Still have to kill the power all over again. This isn't distracting enough.

Think about… Texas Fred, why not? Distracting and irrelevant, though nicer now she's not looking at Gwen with big accusatory eyes after Gwen accidentally killed her boyfriend. Who, let it be said, also appears not to be her boyfriend anymore. Gwen doesn't think she was imagining the flicker of heat between her and Fred as they arrived for the big party, dolled up and coupley. And Fred's a good companion in a tight spot too. Maybe she'd like to join Gwen in a life of crime? No, too silly, Fred's a nice girl, path of virtue, Team Angel suits her perfectly, and Gwen's un-distracted herself dammit.

Think about what just happened, just before LISA turned off Gwen's life-force and left her with only blood. The way Fred just had to have Gwen lie back on a mocked-up exam table, and just had to check her every vital statistic, gloved up in insulating rubber but still working Gwen over good. And how Gwen could just see in Fred's every move how she'd played this role before, played doctor as a kid probably all sciencey-serious on the surface and probably getting off on it before she came close to knowing what getting off was.

The girl owns a white coat, for pity's sake. That's got to be a thing. Gwen smiles, properly distracted from the moment.

A finger touches Gwen's bare hip. A hip that isn't filled with deadly power. A hip that's just flesh, blood and bone. A hip that the curious, stupidly brave girl, who is touching Gwen's bare flesh for the first time ever, goes on to wrap her hand around. A warm hand, small palm but long slim fingers spreading widely over Gwen's flesh. Touch, expanding. Not killing.

The feeling that comes isn't the thrum and throb that have been Gwen's lifeforce. It's something new. She tries not to make a sound, but Fred speaks, so she must know something's disturbed Gwen.

"Isn't that a thing?" Her voice is light. Reassuring, Gwen realises. Fred must feel her tension. "I get to go where no one ever went before." A second hand touches Gwen's skin, mirroring. Both hips are caught, trapped loosely in curious hands. Twin thumbs brush light half-circles on Gwen's skin. Ripples of sensation wriggle up her spine, and for a second she feels – and remembers – that LISA is there, intrusive and deadening, back and centre of Gwen's body and soul now.

Fred's voice goes on, with a suppressed laugh in her voice adding music and fun. Bringing Gwen back to the now, and the touch. "Kind of makes me want to explore, you know. Stake my claim on all this newfound land."

A warm, damp something lands on Gwen's middle back. She jumps, but she's no fraidy cat. She pretty much trusts Texas. The warm damp circle flexes, spreads open, and Fred's mouth is on her back, open-mouth light kisses travelling across the skin, stimulating every nerve. "What a lot of newfound land," comes the soft voice. "Do you mind if I keep on exploring? I'm kind of a colonist this way…"

Gwen thinks of LISA, thinks of how much she hates the way it feels, thinks about how she could ask this girl to take it away and destroy the LISA device – or, more likely, cannibalise it into some evil-destroying tool, because that's how Fred rolls.

It's hard to speak, she's been holding back sound so hard, but eventually Gwen manages to get her vocal chords to play ball, while Fred just continues to kiss her skin. "I… I think I'd hate to get in the way of your manifest destiny."

She rolls over to her back, and looks on as Fred's face lightens with a bigger, surer smile. Two hands, mirroring, come to cover Gwen's breasts, very lightly, but promisingly. "Well, that's very sensible," says Fred. "You can't fight progress."

And though Gwen still hates the things that LISA has done to her, she also sees how she might come to love this new world that LISA and Fred are showing her.

velvetwhip: applausevelvetwhip on February 6th, 2013 11:47 pm (UTC)
Very fine drabble here. I love Explorer!Fred!