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28 April 2013 @ 04:46 pm
Episode in Focus: Conviction  
Welcome back to a new phase for Phantasmagoria. We have only one series to focus on, the final season of Angel, and our members have voted overwhelmingly to tackle that one episode at a time. We reserve the right to tweak the schedule a little (maybe a summer hiatus), but mostly, it's one episode per week till we've covered the whole of the season. Next week we are looking at Conviction, the flipside of the season 4 ending reboot episode Home. So from Monday your time, get sharing whatever you have to share on this week's new Episodes in Focus.

Episode in Focus: Conviction

You all remember where we left Team Angel, right? Signing over their souls (or whatever) to Wolfram and Hart, in return for a deal that only Angel really knows about? Remember how Lilah's W&H contract turned out to be eternal? Is anyone else getting a bad feeling about this already?

Angel is. But mostly because of the team of lawyers and support staff shadowing him, and that makes the whole Lone Hero gig a little hard to pull off. Also his switchboard sometimes connects to the goat sacrifice department and his secretary is Harmony. … Yeah. Wesley's hackles are up, but that'll be because Fred's getting on oh so well with Knox, the sciency-stuff guy… Gunn's not entirely sure where he fits into the mix too, at least till they fix him a little legal-eagle upgrade. Lorne, on the other hand, has taken to evil showbiz with the panache you knew he'd have. And everybody's a little antsy about Eve, the new liaison to the senior partners. Just who or what is she?

All of which means everyone's a little on edge even before the regenerated ghost of Spike comes howling out of an amulet and lands in Angel's desk. Huh.


Key quote:
Who do you answer to?
The senior partners, and if you're thinking, which, by the way, you are, that you can use me to get to them, let go of the dream. I answer to them. I don't lunch with them.
Still... a pretty powerful position for a young woman.
How exactly can you be sure I'm either of those things? (smiles, stands) OK, let me tell you how this works.
I thought I was in charge.
Of the Los Angeles offices of a multi-dimensional corporation. Now, I'm stressing that last word because that's what we are. We're a business, and we have a bottom line. Now, you could take your new client list and start hacking away from the top down. A lot of our clients are demons, and... almost all of them are evil.
Things are always more complicated than they seem, champ. (shaking her head) You can shut this place down, but... then...well, then you wouldn't have it anymore. If the place closes down, the connections dry up. Evil goes next door. (beat) This is the catch—I'm explaining the catch so you don't have to stand around wondering what it is. See, in order to keep this business running, you have to keep this business running. And that means keeping your clients—most of them, anyway—happy.
(frowns) Means letting them get away with stuff.
(chuckles) Sweetie, they were getting away with it while you were all sitting around your hotel waiting for the phone to jangle. Well, you're on the ins now, and you can stop the worst of it. Maybe find some new solutions to some old problems. (smiles, chipper) Come on! Isn't anybody excited? This is a crazy time of fun. The most powerful evil around has given a pivotal position over to its sworn enemies. You're not scared, are you?

(In response, Angel bites into the apple that Eve offered him.)

makd: puckishmakd on April 28th, 2013 06:24 pm (UTC)
I miss Angel - strangely because I started to watch it kicking and screaming (almost). Once I got into it, I liked it much better than Buffy.

I enjoyed Season 5, despite the absence of CC. At the time, I thought it was the presence of Spike I liked best. However, in rewatching some of the episodes from season 5, I realized that I enjoyed the moral dilemmas and morasses the group found themselves in more than I enjoyed the presence of Spike. That whole law firm thing just works so well with my sense of irony.....
Rebcake: ats_ciao_ilonarebcake on April 28th, 2013 10:13 pm (UTC)
Well, I don't like it better than Buffy, due to lack of Buffy, but there's a LOT of great stuff, especially in this season. And all the Darla stuff in earlier seasons. But yes, there is a lot of meat to this season, and I'm hoping to be introduced to lots of lovely fanworks. I'm happy to have you here!
ares132006: Bath tubares132006 on April 29th, 2013 06:32 am (UTC)
I have to agree with makd. I love Angel more than I liked Buffy. I switched on to season 1 of Angel before I had seen any of Buffy, and I back-tracked. Like both the shows, don't get me wrong, but my first love is Angel, even without Buffy.