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16 July 2013 @ 01:28 pm
Damage Fics!  
This is exactly why I love Season 5, there are so many episodes that I particularly like. Damage is definitely one of them, with a few good reasons: 1) Dana, as a character is fascinating, tragic and deadly, 2) Andrew is back! 3) Andrew is back and he's hugging Spike! 4) the episode hints back to earlier seasons with very literal madness and non-moral darkness and 5) Andrew is—yeah, okay you get it.

Anyway, though I regret to say I don't have Andrew fic  (just wait until TGIQ), I do have a couple of Dana-centric things for you. One long, one short.

The short fic:
Title: Touched
Rating: M (for child abuse)
Summary: She remembers the blinding sting of the first needle in her arm, "brown to make you sleepy." She remembers it flooding her veins as her bones went limp and drowsy and she fell into the black. Dana remembers it all. A look into the shaping memories that make a girl so damaged.

The long one (which I originally wrote on FFN, this version is 'revised' as people over there found it hard to follow):
Title: Divinity, Thy Name is Blood
Rating: Teen
Summary: (Set almost immediately post 'Damage') A fragile Slayer with a murderous appetite comes across a broken Vampiress plagued with visions and searching for a lost 'childe', unaware they've lived lives in parallel. This is when Dana met Drusilla.
part 1: Captive
part 2: Lost
part 3: Family

Enjoy the madness, guys.