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04 August 2013 @ 06:01 pm
Episode in Focus: Smile Time  
Next week we are looking at Smile Time. So from Monday your time, get sharing whatever you have to share on this week's detachable-nose-tastic new Episode in Focus. Meta, vids, art, poems, fic, edutainment jingles, whatever you got, we want it.

Episode in Focus: Smile Time
Come on. How can you not love puppet Angel? Puppet Angel in vamp face? Puppet Angel getting savaged by Nina, his about to be nearly girlfriend, possibly? Spike's hysterics at puppet Angel? The monsters of the week this week must be the silliest ever, though their evil plan is plenty scary enough. And Wesley finally, finally gets to smile with Fred.

Whoo! So nice to have a big laugh for an episode, and end with a happy smile. Almost as if they're softening us up for something really bad next time… Maybe something to do with the way Gunn's implant is fading and he's swapping dark deals to get his lawyering back?

5x14ST2211 5x14ST2213

Key Quote:

(singing on TV)
Self-esteem is for everybody
Self-esteem is for everyone
You can dream and be anybody
But self-esteem is how you get it done.
Self-esteem is how you get it...
(angrily) Wes, put the special ops team on red alert.
(calmly questioning) Red alert?
I want helicopters and tear gas.
This is war!


Still have something to share about previous episodes in this season? We're running an ongoing catchup amnesty for anything relating to previous episodes of AtS season 5. We can always stand a little more of the good stuff.

And because I can't resist pimping, the gorgeous banner for letsgetitdone made last year by ashes1753

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You can still sign up to get something done in 2013 - how about something inspired by season 5 of AtS?