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12 August 2013 @ 02:59 pm
A Hole in the World Fics  
Okay, so if I start talking about this episode I *will* cry. I will. So I'll get to the point. I decided upon my first watch of the show that Fred shouldn't have died. She just shouldn't. And I took it upon myself to fix that through the magic of Fanfic. So now I offer to you two stories wherein Fred was saved, one with a happy ending, and one without.

Here's to not letting them take us.

Title:I Walk With Heroes
Rating: PG/Teen
Summary: This is my power, to not let them take me. The PTB step in to give Fred one final choice as Illyria begins to consume her.

Title: Domino
Rating: Teen
Summary: Angel makes the decision to damn the world and save Fred. But what repercussions await?
Genre: Supernatural/Hurt/Comfort/Tragedy