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A New Man (Or Should That Be Demon?)

Hello again. I was meant to make a post about A New Man months ago, but first I had problems with my wireless router, then, to be frank, Christmas was coming up, then New Year, and I just forgot. I even forgot that I had all the screencaps already downloaded. Plus, I forgot what happened in the episode. But I've re-watched it now, so here's my review, and if there's no one out there still watching this community...well, I guess it's my fault. Very sorry.

Anyway, this episode always used to be one of my favourites. In fact, in most ways, it still is.

This scene, for instance....


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Hello, everyone. I want to apologise for the lack of updates on this community for so long. I was meant to have posted about A New Man ages ago. Unfortunately, though, my wireless router broke down, and I still have a very unstable internet connection. I'm hoping to get the screencaps downloaded this week and will try to make the post by Friday.

After that, I think we're probably looking at a more realistic schedule of one post per week.

Thanks for your patience.
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Meanwhile on Angel

A quick update of what the Great Broody One has been up to in LA since the last crossover. In very short, we keep on coming across a certain law firm, we keep on seeing a blonde policewoman, and Cordelia and Doyle are not wholly hitting it off.

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Quick summaries - apologies if I missed your favourite bit - do feel free to comment about it below.

Angel, like so many Whedon shows, is a little slow in picking up pace: there are an awful lot of talky-talky scenes in these episodes. Yes, there are important themes, especially about Daddy issues (and Mummy issues). One of my favourite lines from early AtS is here: My parents were great. (Grabs stick, vamps out) Tasted a lot like chicken..

Personally I find Kate uninspiring, partly because I don't really rate Elizabeth Rohm's acting. The W&H stuff is building nicely, but is still mostly background. Cordelia and Doyle are doing a Beatrice and Benedict act which might just lead somewhere but is taking its time. Angel is still using pretty much the same expression for all purposes.

I know many rate the spinoff even higher than the original show, but I would argue it's quite a long way from its stride as yet.

Opinions? Comments? Your input is much welcomed before we return to our normal BtVS.

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