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28 March 2010 @ 05:52 pm
It's Season Three Catch-Up Time!  
Feeling chipper?

You should be! We're coming to the end of our first four-week posting session in the rebooted Phantasmagoria. It has been an amazing few weeks, and we've seen so much new material produced, and so many old favourites brought back into the light. Thank you all for your contributions so far!

Feel like it's time for a tea break? Giles agrees!

So it's catch-up week next week. From Monday, you are free to post catch ups for the first half of season three, up to Gingerbread, including fic, recs, art and meta. How about those prompts that tempted you, but you never got time to tackle? Or how about a fascinating thought that stuck with you after reading through an episode's contributions? Your mods also have one or two break week activities up their collective sleeve, so stay tuned!

Tch. Slayers are so suspicious. It'll be fun!

See you soon!!