samsom (samsom) wrote in fantas_magoria,

Demon ficlet

Title: Talisman
Author: Samsom
Summary: "Can I be Anne?"
Rating: G
Notes: This is set early to mid s1 AtS, early to mid s4 BtVS.


She keeps busy, which isn’t hard because there’s always something.

With two jobs, volunteering at the shelter, and her college class, her brain stays lit like an old fashioned telephone board.

But no matter how busy she is, her demons stay with her.

Sometimes, especially when she’s tired, their voices go from whispers to screams, telling her she’s no good, worthless, better off dead.

She wants to stop then, go off to a quiet room where she can’t be seen or heard, make herself as small as possible until she disappears.

It’s then that she stops whatever she’s doing and reaches into her pocket.

Her fingers trace the hard outline; feel the fastening at the back, and then the indentation of the letters on the front.

She pulls it out and holds it in the center of her palm.

It’s a small ritual, but an important one.

She runs her thumb over the name - Anne - in a practiced move, until she doesn’t want to cry anymore.

Or disappear.

She’ll fight her demons because that’s what Anne did.

And she’s Anne now.

She stuffs the nametag back into her pocket and picks up her pencil once more.

Five minutes left to finish the test.

Tags: ats season 1 catch-all, btvs season 4 catch-all, fiction
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