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03 July 2013 @ 11:53 am
Camels, huh?  
So, a little late to the game here on phantas magoria and on lj, and I'm a little remorseful, so I'm going to TRY (big emphasis there) to post something every week, seeing as how so gosh darn fun it is. Same time next week?

Originally posted by clockwork_hart at Camels, huh?
Title: Camels, Huh?
Rating: PG/Teen
Summary: A snapshot of Harmony's thoughts in a certain, mostly unseen moment during 'Harm's Way'. Where does one get the idea to order a camel?
Disclaimer: I'm afraid I own none of the Characters in the Jossverse, much to my chagrin. I make no money from my ridiculous diversions but the words are all mine, baby. If anyone wants to make the world think otherwise (plagiarism, much?), I will hunt you down and do many unsavoury things to you. I'm looking forward to it. Happy times!

Harm backed out of her Boss's office with a huff. Turns out there was nothing quite like the sting from the first slap in the face of being undervalued in the morning.

Shuffling back to her desk, desperate to be the good assistant she thought—she knew—she was, Harm dodged the lonely mailroom cart that had sat stranded outside Angel's office for the past two weeks. The caffeinated, childhood buzz of fresh black coffee and executive sweat was drowned out only by the coppery pull of freshly microwaved blood which was rapidly cooling on her desk. The rest of Angel's trendy, beloved little crew filed from his hole—'office'— ready for a long day of Harmony ignoring and what they liked to call 'work'. She flopped down in her chair, subconsciously bringing the mug to her lips, radiated heat not quite hot enough to warm undead skin. She left the blood to hover there, lips close to, but not touching it as she lost herself in thought. 'This is it.' Harmony was resolve-making. 'I'm gonna make Angel need me. Dammit, I'm gonna be the best damn assistant a souled vamp could ask for!' She took a sip of tepid blood. 'Ugh, too cold', choking the mouthful down, she pulled up Google on her computer. 'I'll show Mr Stick-Up-His-Ass exactly what Harmony Kendal can do.'

"Harmony? Do you think we could get that lunch any time soon?" Wesley smiled, pretending like her existence meant anything to him at all. Though she could forgive him a little, his looks, attitude and fashion sense had improved radically since Sunnydale—thank God—now he was bordering on pretty enough to get away with being a bitch.

Harmony smiled up at him, mind a million miles away, "Mmhm." Wesley, head shaking, made towards the elevators, fully intending too get his own lunch, uncomprehending why Angel felt the need to keep the vapid little blonde around. It was probably a vampire thing. If that was the case, it certainly explained the Spike situation.

"Oh, Wes!" Harmony called back, "those demon clans, how d'ya spell them?"

Wesley rubbed his temples, clearly it would be a long day.
Harm tapped away at the keyboard, scrolling down until she found something of some use. Well, Wikipedia, but most of that's reliable, right?

'Boy, these things are big with the ugly.' Harmony made a face, taking in the creatures at risk of cracking her computer screen. 'For once, would it kill Angel to make a deal with a pretty demon? Incubus, maybe? God knows I could do with the eye candy. Ooh! Unicorns. Angel needs to set up something with a unicorn, like yesterday.' She scrolled down to the actual information, mind swimming with sparkling horned ponies.

Vinji and Sahrvin, clans formerly one and the same, for the better part of a millennium have been at war…

'Blah, blah,' she scrolled further down the page.

Have a particular fondness for camel meat. It is seen as a delicacy within both tribes…

'Ooh, camels, huh?'

"Harmony!" Angel shrieked from his office causing his put-upon assistant to jump and spill the tepid blood all over her keyboard. 'Great, now it's gonna be all sticky.'

She got up, wiped the congealing blood form her fingers on the back of her chair and grumbled under her breath until she got to Angel's office. Then the winning smile crept back onto her face as she threw herself full heartedly into the room, "yes Boss?"

He looked up, face full-on broody, "blood's too cold."

"No worries boss, I'll fix that right up." She took the mug from Angel's huge hand, 'ungrateful much?'

He muttered something of acquiescence as she carried the full mug out of the office, only spilling three drops on the expensive cream carpet.

Harmony glanced at the computer as she made her way to the canteen, making a mental note to order that camel.

'Just you wait, Boss, just you wait.'
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Dannachasingdemons on July 3rd, 2013 09:54 pm (UTC)
Awwwww. I've always had a soft spot for Harmony. This was lots of fun!
clockwork_hart on July 5th, 2013 09:19 am (UTC)
Glad you like, Harm tries so hard and it never quite works out, does it?