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07 July 2013 @ 06:15 pm
Episode in Focus: Soul Purpose  
Next week we are looking at Soul Purpose. So from Monday your time, get sharing whatever you have to share on this week's psychedelic new Episode in Focus. Meta, vids, art, poems, fic, whatever you got, we want it.

Episode in Focus: Soul Purpose
Angel's not too well in this week's episode, and the results are… troubling? There's a whole lot of symbolism and allusion in his hallucinations, from Angel's teensy dried up heart to Wesley staking him to the singalong-Apocalypse with the Blue Fairy of shanshu and the Buffyverse's only canonical B/A/S, even if it is just a fever delusion. Alongside, we start to understand just why Angel might be feeling off – not only that he's sick, but that there's a guy named Doyle who seems to have plans to set Spike up as the Angel alternative. Not just cracking cases at the behest of the powers that be, even setting him up in a basement apartment. To anyone who's watched the first two seasons of this show, though, he won't look a hell of a lot like any Doyle you might have expected, even if he is speaking Doyle's lines. Spike's particular take on helping the helpless is also notably less sympathetic to victims than Angel's (What do you expect, hanging around this neighbourhood after dark?), but hell, any souled vampire in a storm, no?

Notable also as an episode directed by David Boreanaz himself – though Angel's at the heart of the episode, you might notice he's more static than usual, what with the sickness and everything.

Key Quote:
Dreams are tough things to quote, so in lieu of our usual dialogue extract, have some weird and wonderful insights into Angel's mind. Use them as you will, for inspiration and insight.

Fred rummages into Angel's inner secrets

Spike meets the Blue Fairy of Happiness

Lorne as the pianist in the broken down bar of secrets

Angel as you've never seen him before: outside, with all his friends in leisurewear


Still have something to share about previous episodes in this season? We're running an ongoing catchup amnesty for anything relating to previous episodes of AtS season 5. We can always stand a little more of the good stuff.
clockwork_hart on July 7th, 2013 05:46 pm (UTC)
Love this episode! And I believe I already have just the thing (which is yay! for me not having to do any kind of work). See you on Monday. (oh, and I think I've finally worked out how to use this damn site)