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The Big Buffy and Angel Fandom Project

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The Big Buffy and Angel Fandom Project
phantasmagoria: n. optical device for rapidly varying size of images on screen; shifting scene of real or imagined figures

Phantasmagoria was created by scribesds and chrisleeoctaves who wanted to honour the series they love with a huge, all-encompassing project. It is now run by brutti_ma_buoni, rebcake and gillo, but nothing changes: we're here to celebrate each and every episode of Buffy and Angel.

Here's how it works.

Each week we focus on a new episode from both shows. Prompts for the episodes in focus are posted on Sundays. You're welcome to use these as inspiration or follow your own muse. Reposting older material is also *very* welcome.

From Monday after the prompts are posted, you have a full week to post whatever you want as long as it relates to these episodes. And because we want to give you every opportunity to share your work, the posting window for each episode will stay open for an additional grace week, to let any late-comers post.

On Thursdays, we will also post a short Flash Challenge: a quickie prompt to give you extra inspiration.

This community welcomes posts including (but not limited to):

Fiction (any length)
Artwork (icons, wallpapers, manips, etc)
Rec lists
Trivia, fun facts about the episode

We're doing the episodes in order.

The community is open to anyone who would like to take part. Spread the word- the more the merrier.